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  • White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

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Treat Yourself and Buy Australia’s Best White Hot Chocolate

Take a break and treat yourself to a creamy, delicious beverage. Using quality ingredients that have been combined to create the ideal flavour, our team really does offer the best chocolate in Australia. The sweetest of our selection, it is a favourite among those with a sweet tooth and is known for its creamy consistency that simply melts in the mouth.

Perfecting the flawless taste is a matter of sourcing the best ingredients, which is we use Callebaut’s Belgian variety. This is nothing like the products you’ll find in your local stores and takes having an indulgent beverage to a whole new level.

Easy to buy, simple to make

We are all about ensuring the convenience of our customers. With a simple online ordering process, we make it easy for customers to buy hot chocolate products (also available in milk or dark varieties) in minutes. To ensure you always have a delicious afternoon treat on hand, we sell our products in lots of 12. With affordable pricing and a flavour you will not believe, we’re sure you will be back for more.

Forget all about powdery options that don’t dissolve properly, our products will delight your taste buds and provide a smooth, creamy texture you will love. With a clever design, it has never been easier to create the best white hot chocolate at work or home. Simply fill a cup with hot milk and stir our chocolate and spoon combination until the chocolate has completely melted, then sip and enjoy the delicious creamy flavour.

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