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We Sell Hot Chocolate Wholesale

Treat your customers to the most indulgent drinking experience with quality products from our team. Selling premium hot chocolate products at wholesale prices to a number of distributors across Australia, we bring the rich, delicious flavours of Belgium to your front door.

What makes our chocolate so special?

As self-confessed chocoholics ourselves, we take pride in offering products that satisfy those cravings and offer a rich flavour and slick texture that you can only get from the best chocolate. Just like all food products, the quality is heavily dependent on the ingredients used. That is why we utilise pure Belgium Callebaut, which is available in dark, white or milk options. Lovingly handmade, our stirrable chocolate and spoon creation is an indulgent way of enjoying the very best ingredients melted to perfection.

We are sure the quirky spoon and chunk design will be a hit with customers as it is a fun and simple way to ensure the perfect beverage every time. No more tasteless powders that leave a buildup on the bottom of your mug, this is how hot chocolate is meant to be enjoyed and we are sure every one of your buyers will be hooked from the very first sip.

Contact us today

If you are interested in purchasing hot chocolate at wholesale prices, please get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to assist you. For new customers, accounts can be created on our website which will enable you to shop faster with ease, as well as enjoy a number of features, including accurate order statuses and the ability to track the amount of orders you have made so far.

For general enquiries, our friendly staff are happy to assist you. Please get in touch by calling 0432970414 or sending an email to



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