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Australian Suppliers of the Best Hot Chocolate

It’s the little indulgences that make life special and sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back to enjoy a hot beverage. Obsessed with the sweet richness that is quality chocolate, our team is dedicated to bringing premium products to people throughout the country.

Bulk options available

As hot chocolate suppliers offering the best products in Australia, we produce a unique way of enjoying one of the purest forms of chocolate on the market, Pure Belgium Callebaut. Whether you are buying a small selection for yourself, or wish to take advantage of great wholesale prices and buy in bulk, our hot chocolate is sure to satisfy your needs.

What makes our product different?

Our handmade creation is a chocolate and spoon combination available in several varieties (including creamy white, milk and rich dark options). Free from nuts and gluten, we offer a delicious option that can be enjoyed by all. To make your delicious beverage just pour 200ml of hot steamy milk, insert your spoon, stir then sip and lick.

Made using superior ingredients, its flavour and richness is reminiscent of the intense, polished drinking chocolate experienced by the Europeans for centuries. Fortunately for us, we can now enjoy this delicious beverage at our and local cafes.

Place your order today

Buy the best hot chocolate in Australia from leading supplier. To buy in bulk, simply head to our wholesale section and create an account to get started. For smaller orders, simply choose from our selection of products and follow the prompts to complete your order. To ensure you always have a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings on hand, we offer our products in lots of 12.

If you require further information on our products or have a question regarding placing an order, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to assist you. To get in touch, simply call us directly on 0432970414 or send an email to

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